Custom Variables in Report

is there a way to get javascript variables or one of the new “User Variables” in my report to JSON file ?
The problem is I need a custom ID-String in every Report which is generating in the presentation but I can’t get this string to submit…

ActivePresenter Version: 7

OS: Win7x64



You can add following code into the On Load event of the first slide:

if (!prez.initReport){
    prez.initReport = true;
    var fOldReport = prez.formatReportData;
    prez.formatReportData = function(data, format){
        var result =, data, format);
        var json = JSON.parse(result);
        json["customId"] = prez.variable("variable_name"); //Replace this line
        return JSON.stringify(json);


Wow, thank you - this works like a charm for AP7.
Do you see a way to adapt this for my “old” presentations, written in AP6 without the need to export every single project file trough AP7? I saw the onload event is fired in the rlprez.js - but there was no such a file in AP6 exports so I cant just paste it in.

Unfortunately, the JavaScript API of version 6 is very limited, so you can not do this without converting to version-7 projects.