Send a variable in javascript

I have some variables that I’m using throughout my quiz and I was asked to send them through javascript. how can I do so, please?

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Could you explain more about “Send a variable in javascript”?
If you want to send the variable to the report, please take a look at this topic: Custom Variables in Report


i asked the users to give thier bagde number and full name and i like to send that info along with LMS how can i do that ?

Hi Adnan,

I think it’s exactly what you need.


i tried to follow the code in that acticle but no success is it possible to send you the project and do this for me ?

Yes, please send your project to our support email: We will take a look and get back to you.


hi i did sent you you the file

Hi Adnan,

Report customization method mentioned in that thread can only be used by HTTP report method.
I’m sorry I wasn’t aware that you’re using an LMS.

In your project, you can use a Fill in Multiple Blanks question instead of variables to get user information. That information will be submitted to and tracked by the LMS when the learner answers the question.
You should also change the question mode to Survey, delete its default Complete/Incomplete/Timeout event-actions, change its report id and text boxes’ report ids to meaningful values.
I’ve made these changes to your project and emailed to you, please check it.

Moreover, I see that you’re using SCORM 1.2 and Scorm Cloud as you said in another thread.
SCORM 1.2 doesn’t track the completion status (completed, incomplete) and the success status (passed, failed) separately as SCORM 2004. It only has the lesson status that can be completed, incomplete, passed or failed. Maybe that’s the cause makes Scorm Cloud reports the completion status incorrectly.

If you care about this issue, please use SCORM 2004 instead of SCORM 1.2