Record user time to answer


I’d like to record how many seconds pass between the start of a slide and when a student answers True or False, then transmit that number to my Google Sheet at the end. This is a word recognition quiz. The T/F actions and slide images here:

The Google sheet is working, and follows the instructions found here:

Thank you!


ActivePresenter Version: Pro 8.0.6

OS: Windows


Hi Paul,

You need to use Execute JavaScript action to record the time:

  1. Script in the slide On Load event to save the start time of the quiz:
    prez.myQuizStartTime = prez.elapsedTime();
  1. Script in each radio button On Check to calculate the user time to answer the quiz:
    prez.myQuizAnswerTime = prez.elapsedTime() - prez.myQuizStartTime;
  1. To include the answer time (prez.myQuizAnswerTime) to the report, you can see this topic: Custom Variables in Report