Submit Animated Timer results

I have a slide with an Animated Timer and would like to submit the amount of time as part of their assessment. Is there a way to do that?


You need to get the timer value, store it as a variable, then add that variable to the report as guided in this post: Custom Variables in Report

However, getting the timer value is quite tricky because current version doesn’t have a public method for doing that. We’ll consider supporting it in future releases.
Now you can get the timer value from display text. Please see the script below for a timer that has format MM:SS, you can adapt it for other formats:

var times = prez.object('Animated Timer name').text().split(' : ');	// [minutes, seconds] for MM:SS format
var timeInSeconds = parseInt(times[0]) * 60 + parseInt(times[1]);
// store to a variable
prez.variable('variable name', timeInSeconds);