Post variable values to PHP page


I’m still researching how to do this but thought best to ask here too as I’m running out of time!

I need to post to variable values, FULL NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS to a .PHP page. How do I achieve this through ActivePresenter?

Many thanks.

Hi Ian,

If you use HTTP report method you can add variable values to the report data as described in this topic:

To handle the report using PHP, please see Transmission of Report section in the user manual.

If you don’t use HTTP report, you can use jQuery AJAX to send the data, for example:

$.post('php/page/url', {
  fullName: prez.variable('FULL NAME'),
  email:  prez.variable('EMAIL ADDRESS')


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Thank you so much. I will suggest they use the JQuery AJAX route. Otherwise as you mentioned i’ll have to use the Report method.

Again I appreciate your fantastic help :slight_smile:

Kind regards,