Disable encoding of mp4 files

Hi Guys,
I’m trying to migrate away from Storyline and while testing Active Presenter ended up with a few questions.

  • Is there a way to disable encoding of video files that are already encoded as proper mp4? The videos are already optimized. For smaller courses it’s not a problem but a lot have 50+ videos with a total run time of 4-5+hours. They take a good ammount of time to render even on RTX4090.
  • Can I set up one of the GPU’s permanently for rendering? (Not sure why but it keeps going back to Windows Media…)
  • Can I save a player “template” and use it for all other project and give it to my colleague? THere’s 2 of us that do the editing.
  • Is it possible to add the topics in the editing window where you add slides rather than the player table of contents?

Side note: Love the Media-Thin skin.


Could you please share the log of ActivePresenter with us? This will provide more insights and enable us to assist you better.
To access the log, click the ActivePresenter button > Preferences > Miscellaneous > View Log.
You can either attach the log file here or send it to our support email at: support@atomisystems.com


Hi, I just went on holiday for 2 weeks. I can get some logs when I go in the office.
We’re buying it anyway. It’s very good value for money.

Could you please tell me how to disable the encoding though? I want to try it a bit but my personal laptop is … less than ideal.

Thank you for your information.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid there is nothing we can do with your first issue regarding how to disable the encoding.
Regarding how to set up default GPU for rendering, we need to see your log file.

  • Can I save a player “template” and use it for all other project and give it to my colleague? THere’s 2 of us that do the editing.
    Yes, you can. Please refer to this thread for more information:
    Export / Import Layout and Player Settings
  • Is it possible to add the topics in the editing window where you add slides rather than the player table of contents?
    Yes, it’s possible to do so by directly renaming the slide name in the editor.


Sorry. I didn’t explai this right.
I meant like it’s done in the player settings for courses with multiple chapters.

GPU problem -
Thank you for the log pointer. Found the problem. Windows was disabling my dGPU and the software could not see it before it started. The dGPU was only kicking in after. Changed the profile to max performance and edited it to make sure it’s not turning off anything. It’s working fine now.

Player settings - Thank you. Wrote a script that syncs any new profiles that are saved between me and my colleague.

Disabling encoding:
I’ll use a workaround for now:

  • insert 1 second clips in the slides
  • replace the clips after generating the SCORM zip
    It works fine even if it’s a manual process.
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I would love the feature “disable encoding”, as well. After exporting the clips from my video editor, the clips shouldn’t be touched anymore. So it’s the same here since 5 years: manually replacing all the video files for EVERY SINGLE export.
Please invent a “disable encoding” option :pray:

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For what it is worth…

I realize that much can depend on the capabilities of your LMS but I have always found it best to aim for smaller projects.

In other words, I like to break down a project into many smaller chunks rather than having one large project. Instead of having a large 4-hour project, I might have 25 10-minute lessons and group them by topic in the LMS.

This is especially true for videos. I like to keep them as separate artifacts within the course. This helps keep individual projects from getting bloated and taking tons of time to render/publish and if I need to make a modification to something I only have to modify/reupload a smaller piece rather than the entire course.

File sizes stay small, upload times are faster, edits are quicker - lots of time savings all the way around for me.

Again - I realize every situation is different but I believe I have managed to avoid a great deal of publishing problems this way.

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Eh. not really an option for me (usually). The courses are on average 50-90 videos (5-30 min long) and span over 1 week or so with practical exercises in the mix.
We also offer the content as “offline” copy to download before the course.
Breaking it into smaller piece would make it a nightmare to manage later on. That is why I didn’t go for H5P with Lumi in the first place.

The option to not recompress/encode existing videos has been asked for in Feature Requests several times.

Here are 2 such requests:

I would like to once again Upvote this feature request. The video bloating and extended export time issues are very problematic for us as well.


I too would like to support this request. Many deaf educators use videos in their AP projects.

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