Export without ActivePresenter recompressing the videos

Be able to export in SCORM or HTML5 without ActivePresenter recompressing the videos (videos recorded with ActivePresenter).

Hi Christ59,

Videos recorded with ActivePresenter contain cursors in separated layers and normally require further editing so it is neccessary to recompress the videos to physicalize these informations.


I don’t have a layer with a cursor. In this case it is not possible not to recompress the video?

Unfortunately, there is no such option in the current version of ActivePresenter. We will consider adding it if there are more requests from users. If you want to preserve the quality as much as possible, you can use one of two following options when recording:

  • Use the Flash Screen Video codec.
  • Use the H.264 codec with the quality option equals 100%.


The goal of not recompressing the videos for an export would be a very significant gain in export time and a gain in quality (no recompression).

I would like to upvote this Feature Request. I am embedding already compressed videos that on Export to HTML increase in size substantially. It appears that they are being re-compressed with higher bitrates. Could there be an option to just output video files without recompression. Would also improve export times as I see the recompression taking a fair bit of time.