Text box scrollbars

I am a new user ActivePresenter v7.3.1 (Windows) and wonder if it is possible to add a scrollbar to a standard text box so that it can handle overflowed text when exported as HTML5 and viewed on the web? In this eLearning project, text entries are sometimes long, and I would like to display all of the text for a topic on the same slide, if possible, with a user-scrollbar for run-time viewing.

Scrolling or another similar work-around would be helpful.

Thank you for your help.

Best Wishes,


You can add the following script to the slide OnLoad event to create text scrollbars for a shape in the slide:

// plz change shape_name to the actual name of the shape
    overflow: 'auto',
    pointerEvents: 'auto'


Hi Toan Le,

Thank you very much.

This works: the script added a scrollbar to a text box.

Best Wishes,