Screen flashes white in between each slide

Problem: I have a Tutorial created on AP6, it runs great over network and locally. There are 31 slides and on the AP6 version you can click from slide to slide without loading or a white screen flash in between the slides changing. In the AP 7 Export every time I click to move onto the next slide the screen very briefly goes white before loading the image. It makes the experience seem very un smooth.

Has there been a change to the way slide backgrounds are pre-loaded? does it load the image on each click.

ActivePresenter Version: 7

OS: Windows



Actually, all images are pre-loaded. It is related to the way the browser displays images. Please try one or all of below workarounds to see if they can help:

  • If your slides have background images, setting their Background Fill to Black with zero opacity.
  • Add the following line of code to ActivePresenter > Project > Properties > Event

window.AtomiAP.TransitionMinDuration = 500;

We will try to address the problem in the next update.



Sorry to bring up an old topic I’ve just created a new Project, it has an image on the first slide and the same image on the second. When moving between slides I still get the initial flash of white before it shows the image. I’ve tried with the above suggestion which has not improved the result. Have you been able to recreate/ resolve this issue?



Hi Ashnc,

Can you please share the project so we can check? If the file is large, please upload to somewhere (like Google Drive) then share the link here or to



we have a similar problem. On the transition between merged slides (see slide 2) and a single slide (non-merged, slide 3) we detected a short white flickering. We tried to understand the problem and we noticed that the problem disappears after the first time using the tutorial.
For clarification see the enclosed project file. It will flicker the first time you will watch it in HTML5-Preview (Tutorial mode) or in the export itself. After rewatching the tutorial there is no flickering anymore.

Any idea to solve the issue?

BR and many thanks!

transition after merged (1.5 MB)

Hi Marcel,

The last image in slide 2 (Image_3) is hidden at the end of the slide so there’s a flickering when transitioning to slide 3.
To overcome this issue, please select Image_3, and set it Show to the End of Slide in Properties > Size & Properties tab > Timing section.
You should also set slide 2 to No Fill to prevent flickering (if any) when transitioning from slide 1 to slide 2.

P/S: In the future, please share your project instead of the output.


Hey Toan,

thank you for the quick reply and possible solution. We have tested it but there is no improvement. I defined the last image in the merged slide as “show to the end of slide” and set background fill to “No fill”. This time i have uploaded the project file itself :slight_smile:.


flickering transition.approj (1.9 MB)

Hi Marcel,

I’ve checked it again with another browser, unfortunately it didn’t work with this browser as you said.
To remove flickering, we should not hide the current image until the new image appears completely.
I’ve made some changes as follows, it seems to work in my test:

  1. Set slide 2 background image to Image_9 resource (the one that Image_3 object uses).
  2. Delete Image_3 object, it’s redundant after step 1.
  3. Remove Image_1 entrance effect, and move Image_1 exit effect after Image_2 entrance effect to prevent flickering when showing Image_1 and Image_2 if any.

flickering transition fixed.approj (1.9 MB)

Hope it works this time :slight_smile:


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Hi again,

Merging the last slide into the background was the best hint, now the transition is smooth. Hopefully you can improve it in next releases, because now it is a workaround in my point of view. I am also looking forward for the fix of merging slides (see Wrong Cursor Path Starting Point after Merging Slides).

Again many thanks for the great support!