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Wrong Cursor Path Starting Point after Merging Slides

Problem: Merging slides causes in some cases a too early start of the cursor path movement. See enclosed file and figure for clarification.

Slide 5 represents merged slides 1-4. When you export it in HTML-5 Documentation mode, you will see the issue. The transition of slides 1-4 is perfect, after a mouse click you can see the new slide. In slide 5 the interaction between mouse click, cursor movement and background is distorted.

Do you know the source of this issue and a proper solution? I like to merge slides, because edtiting one timeline is more convenient for me. But i often have to correct the position of the cursor manually.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.8

OS: 10

Notes: file is too large. Probably i can send you an e-mail or upload it later otherwise.

Hi Marcel,

We confirm that is a bug in the ActivePresenter 7. It will be fixed in ActivePresenter 8, which will be available in the next month. We are sorry for this inconvenience.


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