Regression bug: forever loading on iPhone

Problem: we need to use the html5 outputs in the Wechat browser on iPhone. It was working fine on v8.3.0. But when it got to v8.3.1, the page will stuck at the blue loading circle when turning from a page with video to the next one with video.

I understand there were improvement done for safari in v8.3.1, but apparently those improvement somehow broke the flow of the presentation in Wechat on iPhone.

I verified it by playing the same presentation that was output from 8.3.1 to that of 8.3. 8.3.1 has the above issue while 8.3 does not

ActivePresenter version: v8.3.1

OS: win10

Notes: please fix otherwise I worry this bug will carry forward to your future versions, rendering it not usable for our Wechat iPhone users. Thanks

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Actually, we have not tested much with browsers (including Wechat) which are not listed in the system requirements (ActivePresenter - System Requirements) . However, we will try to support if it doesn’t take much effort.

Can you please check if the following temporary version works?


Thanks. For e-learning it’s usually impractical to require the users to use a specific browser, so we want to be sure the major ones are supported without problem. Wechat browser (especially iPhone version) might not be under your radar yet, but that represent 1B users and it’s a showstopper if things break down in it.

Thanks for looking into this regression and hopefully it could be root caused so the problem doesn’t carry onto future versions.

Can you please confirm if the temporary version above works?


It did NOT work. I already sent a sample project to your email

This remains a showstopper for us to go beyond v8.3.0


We will take a deeper look in this problem but we could not find any app in the AppStore called Wechat Browser. Is it only accessible from China?


Really appreciate it! It’s called WeChat (which is a messaging app like Messenger, most popular in China but available globally). when users click on a link inside the chat, wechat will open up the link via its built-in browser


We could not test with this since we can not register a Wechat account. It requires another Wechat account to confirm but there is no one around us using this app.
In the past, we had to give up support for built-in (default) browsers on some devices since they were very buggy so I am not sure if we can fix the issue on this browser or not.


That is unfortunate but I understand. Thanks for trying.

I guess that means we’re stuck with v8.3.0