Real person video and animation out of order due to network

we ran into this showstopper relating to this question I asked before (Video in HTML5 slides got cut off). We’re on v8.3.0 (later versions have other issues that were separate showstopper for us (Regression bug: forever loading on iPhone)).

We try to create an effect of real person talking with a character. So it’s critical that the real person speaks first, then the character answers and the person speaks again, etc. Sometimes we need the character to speak first too. We do this by aligning the character’s animation and voice to the real person’s long video with appropriate timing on the timeline. We do not show any control for the real person’s video.

This works perfectly when previewing locally.

But this becomes a nightmare on client’s phone with varied network conditions. The symptom is the real person’s video may load and buffer at random while the characters’ animation and voice continue to go on per predefined timing. This creates a unacceptable/confusing/unpredictable experience that the conversation is totally out of order and messed up.

Is there a workaround to address this (basd on v8.3.0, as we cannot move to later versions due to other showstoppers)?

ActivePresenter version: v8.3.0

OS: windows 10. clients on a smartphone

Notes: Please help as this is a absolute showstopper for us


This is not only real person vid, but any video in general. Thanks


Could you please share your projects to so we can take a look at?
Besides, please let us know your browser information.


Sent to that email address


Thanks for sharing the file. We will check and get back to you soon.



After testing your project with normal network connection, we don’t see any problems.
Otherwise, if the media playback of browser gets error due to the unstable network connection, it seems there is no way to solve the problem.


There was no error showing in the browser. Let me report back when I find a reliable way to reproduce