Problem with the course view percentage

HI, I have this problem, when the student stop the visualization of the course for example at the middle of the course, the percent of the visualization of the course still at zero percent and no at the 50%, how can I resolve this problem?

Thank you in advance

ActivePresenter version:

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We are not quite sure about the parameter that your LMS uses to display information.

  • Normally, an LMS uses the completion status variable, which has 2 statuses only but not having progress as you want.
  • In case an LMS follows the score parameter, ActivePresenter will definitely work (make sure your content must include questions and slides are arranged properly).


Dear Hang, to have the progress of cmi.core.score.raw we should insert questions between slides or we can assign value every slide to reach 100%?

How? Can you give us an example?


To have the progress of cmi.core.score.raw, you should insert questions between slides.

For example, your course has 100 slides, 10 of which are question slides for 10 points each.
If 10 question slides are present at the end of the course (from slides 91 - 100), the cmi.core.score.raw remains at 0 despite viewing the first 50 slides.
If a question is added after every 10 slides, students who view 50 slides and complete 5 questions will earn 50 points.

Hope this clarifies.

Hag, altough we insert between slides many questions, we never obtain cmi.core.core.raw but this


Elemento Valore
cmi.completion_status incomplete
cmi.exit suspend
cmi.interactions.0.correct_responses.0.patternAiuto su Modello 180_13
cmi.interactions.0.idAiuto su Id 180_2
cmi.interactions.0.learner_responseAiuto su Risposta 180_13
cmi.interactions.0.resultAiuto su Risultato correct
cmi.interactions.0.typeAiuto su Tipo choice
cmi.interactions.1.correct_responses.0.patternAiuto su Modello 344_18[,]344_19[,]344_20[,]344_21[,]344_34
cmi.interactions.1.idAiuto su Id 344_17
cmi.interactions.1.learner_responseAiuto su Risposta 344_18[,]344_19[,]344_20[,]344_21[,]344_34
cmi.interactions.1.resultAiuto su Risultato correct
cmi.interactions.1.typeAiuto su Tipo sequencing
cmi.interactions.2.correct_responses.0.patternAiuto su Modello 345_4[.]345_5[,]345_6[.]345_7[,]345_8[.]345_9
cmi.interactions.2.idAiuto su Id 345_1
cmi.interactions.2.learner_responseAiuto su Risposta 345_4[.]345_5[,]345_6[.]345_7[,]345_8[.]345_9
cmi.interactions.2.resultAiuto su Risultato correct
cmi.interactions.2.typeAiuto su Tipo matching
cmi.interactions.3.correct_responses.0.patternAiuto su Modello 172_4
cmi.interactions.3.idAiuto su Id 172_2
cmi.interactions.3.learner_responseAiuto su Risposta 172_4
cmi.interactions.3.resultAiuto su Risultato correct
cmi.interactions.3.typeAiuto su Tipo choice
cmi.interactions.4.correct_responses.0.patternAiuto su Modello 179_4
cmi.interactions.4.idAiuto su Id 179_2
cmi.interactions.4.learner_responseAiuto su Risposta 179_4
cmi.interactions.4.resultAiuto su Risultato correct
cmi.interactions.4.typeAiuto su Tipo choice
cmi.interactions.5.idAiuto su Id 184_1
cmi.interactions.5.learner_responseAiuto su Risposta 184_1_1[.]investimenti[,]184_1_2[.]stabilire[,]184_1_3[.]standard
cmi.interactions.5.resultAiuto su Risultato correct
cmi.interactions.5.typeAiuto su Tipo performance
cmi.interactions.6.correct_responses.0.patternAiuto su Modello 182_4
cmi.interactions.6.idAiuto su Id 182_2
cmi.interactions.6.learner_responseAiuto su Risposta 182_4
cmi.interactions.6.resultAiuto su Risultato correct
cmi.interactions.6.typeAiuto su Tipo choice
cmi.interactions.7.correct_responses.0.patternAiuto su Modello 236_4
cmi.interactions.7.idAiuto su Id 236_2
cmi.interactions.7.learner_responseAiuto su Risposta 236_4
cmi.interactions.7.resultAiuto su Risultato correct
cmi.interactions.7.typeAiuto su Tipo choice
cmi.interactions.8.correct_responses.0.patternAiuto su Modello 346_4[.]346_5[,]346_6[.]346_7[,]346_8[.]346_9
cmi.interactions.8.idAiuto su Id 346_1
cmi.interactions.8.learner_responseAiuto su Risposta 346_4[.]346_5[,]346_6[.]346_9[,]346_8[.]346_7
cmi.interactions.8.resultAiuto su Risultato incorrect
cmi.interactions.8.typeAiuto su Tipo matching
cmi.interactions.9.correct_responses.0.patternAiuto su Modello 347_13
cmi.interactions.9.idAiuto su Id 347_2
cmi.interactions.9.learner_responseAiuto su Risposta 347_13
cmi.interactions.9.resultAiuto su Risultato correct
cmi.interactions.9.typeAiuto su Tipo choice
cmi.suspend_dataAiuto su Dati per sospensione {“info”:{“slides”:[{“1”:{“st”:2}},{“7”:{“st”:2}},{},{“12”:{“st”:2}},{},{“2”:{“s”:[1,0],“r”:2,“v”:[13],“p”:5,“a”:1}},{“17”:{“s”:[0,4,3,2,1],“r”:2,“v”:[18,19,20,21,34],“p”:5,“sp”:0,“a”:2}},{“1”:{“s”:[1,0,2],“r”:2,“v”:{“5”:[4],“7”:[6],“9”:[8]},“p”:5,“a”:1}},{“2”:{“r”:2,“v”:[4],“p”:5,“a”:1}},{“2”:{“r”:2,“v”:[4],“p”:5,“a”:1}},{},{“2”:{“st”:2}},{“2”:{“st”:2}},{},{},{“1”:{“r”:2,“v”:{“0”:“investimenti”,“1”:“stabilire”,“2”:“standard”},“p”:5,“sp”:0,“a”:3}},{“2”:{“r”:2,“v”:[4],“p”:5,“sp”:0,“a”:3}},{“2”:{“r”:2,“v”:[4],“p”:5,“sp”:0,“a”:2}},{“1”:{“s”:[1,2,0],“r”:3,“v”:{“5”:[4],“7”:[8],“9”:[6]},“p”:0,“sp”:0,“a”:3}},{“2”:{“r”:2,“v”:[13],“p”:5,“sp”:0,“a”:2}},{}],“fbs”:[],“randomMap”:{},“index”:20,“ts”:0,“elapsedTime”:214818,“vars”:{“apScoreSubtract”:0}},“map”:{“180_2”:0,“344_17”:1,“345_1”:2,“172_2”:3,“179_2”:4,“184_1”:5,“182_2”:6,“236_2”:7,“346_1”:8,“347_2”:9},“nextIdx”:10}

Hang, the question seems to be correlated with this post:

Currently, ActivePresenter only sends scores when the course ends or students close their browsers before the course ends.
If students close their browsers before the course is over, some LMS might not receive their grades.
In the next release, we will support sending scores once learners complete a question.

Best regards,