Setting lesson to show incomplete if the user fails the lesson

Problem: This is more of a question than a problem. Can someone tell me what I need to do to have a lesson show as incomplete if they fail the lesson. Currently if the user fails the lesson, it shows complete and their failed percentage and it is no longer showing in their list in the LMS. (Might be an LMS question). But I want to make sure there is not a setting in Active Presenter to make this happen.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.0.1 Professional

OS: Windows 7

Notes: Thanks for all of the assistance provided in this forum.

Hi Linda,

I am also not sure what did you mean when saying " it is no longer showing in their list in the LMS". Can you please tell in more details? SCORM 1.2 should show the lesson as failed in this case, but in SCORM 2004, the completion status and success status are separated and they should be shown as following picture:


I’m using SCORM 2004 and it does show completed and failed. However, if we require a user to retake a course that they failed, can we manipulate that course to indicate incomplete. If they failed the course, can it be coded to show as incomplete/failed. IF they pass the course it would show as completed/passed. Hope that makes sense.

Hi, at the end of your course, add some javascript that check if failed with a getvalue of cmi.success_status and if failed, setvalue of cmi.completion_status to incomplete than terminate your course.

Here the runtime references :

Hi @LindaB,

You just need to add following code into ActivePresenter > Project > Properties > Event:

if (!prez.lmsInitEx){
    prez.lmsInitEx = true;
    if (prez.lms) {
        var fEndLesson = prez.lms.endLesson;
        prez.lms.endLesson = function(bTimeout){
  , bTimeout);
            var bPassed = prez.result();
            doSetValue('cmi.completion_status', bPassed ? 'completed' : 'incomplete');

@SimonA: Thanks for your tips.


Thank you so much for the help.