PowerPoint's Animation not imported to video project

We used our company created PowerPoint animated presenations
to make a video template in Active Prestenter, in prior vesion we
had NO issue importing the Animated Power Point Templates.
with this new version the PowerPoint animation is NOT working
in my Active Presenter’s video.
If you need to test email me, and I will send you the PP template for test.

Thank you!

Hi Ernesto,

Yes, please send your PowerPoint template to support@atomisystems.com so we can take a look at it.
Then, we’ll get back to you later.

Best regards,

Power Point has been sent…
I’ve tested with an old PowerPoint that I used in the past that worked on prior versions and I still don’t have the PowerPoint’s animation.

I will appriciagte if you communicate with me via email!

Yes, Ernesto.

Thank you for your cooperation. We received your PowerPoint file.
Also, I’ve responded to your issue via email as expected.
Kindly get back if you receive my email.


Hi Ernesto,

We are pleased to inform you that your reported issue has been successfully addressed in the latest updated version of ActivePresenter, 9.1.1.

In response to your feedback, we have provided a new feature called “Import PowerPoint animations to the main timeline”. This option ensures that your animations autoplay when exporting projects to video, aligning with your desired functionality.
Kindly update to the latest version then select this checkbox before importing your PowerPoint presentation into ActivePresenter (Preferences dialog > Miscellaneous tab).

Again, we would like to emphasize that, it’s not a bug in the software. The Click Sequence timeline works as the Animation Pane in PowerPoint. It allows users to control animations’ appearances and order flexibly.

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are always here to help.

Best regards,