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Perfermance issue: drag and drop with sound

On iPhone, when sound is attached to “onDrag” “onDragEnd” events of the drag source, the performance becomes rather poor:

  1. drag is not responsive at all and lag a lot behind finger motion
  2. the drag animation becomes like 2 frames per second, actually if there is video playing on the same page, the video will be super slow - entire page/animation becomes very unresponsive

ActivePresenter version: v8.2.3

OS: windows 10

Notes: the drag and drop animation is fine when no sound is attached, but it’s really boring to young learners when there is no audible response to their interactions.


Thanks for reporting the problem. We will check and get back to you as soon as possible.



It seems Safari takes quite a long time to load and start playing audio. We are making some improvements for this problem. Can you please help us to check if it works well in your case?
To check, please download the following file: (272.5 KB) then extract it to C:\Program Files\ATOMI\ActivePresenter\templates\html5\js , then export your projects again. Please remember to backup existing files in that folder before overwriting.


Thanks for getting back with a fix!

I tried it. I do see improvement compared to before. However, there is still obvious unresponsiveness compared to when there is no ‘play audio’ when drag begin/end. It will be really useful and appealing to young learners if the perf can be on par with silent drag and drop.

Again, great fix, better than before, but still a bit gap from actually solving the issue. Look forward to a complete fix of it. Thanks!

Thanks for your information.

We will try to release a fix in the next two weeks.