Open the Case - Scroll Wheel Interaction

Here is another fun little interaction that makes use of the scroll wheel feature that I shared earlier. You can review that here.

This project offers you some funky math related items to solve in order to learn the code to unlock the briefcase.

You will use the scroll wheel of your mouse while hovering over each spin dial to change its value.

Open the Case

LOL - don’t post a screenshot that will give away the answers.


Always amazed at your endless creation shown through your projects. :open_mouth:
Looking forward to more and more from you, Greg!
I really enjoy the interesting experience when playing your games, including this one :100:

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It appears to be 0.4 here. Anyway, I’ve managed to resolve it. Love this game! :smile:

Correct - there is meant to be a decimal there.


Beautiful and interesting game Greg!! :wave:
I covered the numbers so as not to reveal the solution. :hugs:

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