No sound in audio files

Plugged in a Jabra headset and made a recording after selecting the Jabra headset as the Audio Input. Two audio files were recorded - System Audio and Audio. Both are 1.3Gb but neither play any sound through AP or Windows Media Player. Is the sound recoverable?

ActivePresenter Version: 6.0.5

OS: Windows 10



Can you please share the log of ActivePresenter so we can analyze further to find out the cause of the problem? To view the log, click ACTIVEPRESENTER > Preferences… > Miscellaneous > View Log.


I am using the most current version of Active. You can not control the volume separately, for example, leave a song with low volume and the video with the highest background. When you change one, change everything. How to solve this?

Hi Romaryw,

Please take a look at this tutorial:

I have similar problem:
Selected the Audio Input. Two audio files were recorded - System Audio and Audio. Both same size. It has captured audio but does not play through AP but does through Windows Media Player. It used to be that when I play a created work through AP or other media player it plays video and audio. Now only playing video. Anyone know why please?

Please share the log file. We know nothing without it.

Thanks for quick response. I have saved the file but can’t see how to upload and send to you here? Getting message stating “new users can’t upload”.

You can send to our support email.

Tried to paste it but with character limitations here, I would need to make about 15 post and I don’t think I’m allowed to do that either. Can’t see/find your support email, what is it?

It’s of course.

I Sent file. Have you Received?

We’ve received. Our team will take a look and reply you tomorrow.


Hi TechMonegy,

We have checked the log file and seen that ActivePresenter sometimes failed to work with Headphones (AVANTEK Stereo). So please:

  • Don’t unplug/plug any audio device while running ActivePresenter since it can not detect the changes automatically. You should do this before starting ActivePresenter.
  • Update the latest audio driver from the hardware manufacturer, don’t use the default driver which is installed by Windows.

If your computer has two audio outputs, maybe the sound is only play through one of them so please also check for this case.

Another issue that you should have note is: ActivePresenter store large files in external data folder named in the pattern PROJECT_NAME_files, please remember to copy/move/rename it when copying/moving/renaming your project.


Hi !

I have been having issues with audio files not having any sound recorded. And my case is different from this because I have no headphones connected. I have emailed my log file to the support team. Let me know what s wrong.

Thanks !

Hi raji2292,

We have taken a look at the log file but it seems to be fine. Can you see the wave of audio in Timeline?


No I dont see the wave of audio in the timeline

Hi raji2292,

That’s weird. Can you please try recording YouTube to see if the issue happens or not?


Hi, I found out that active presenter fails to work with SKYPE ( maybe after skype’s new update) because of the microphone sharing. I am not able to use with skype at all these days.

Hi raji2292,

Did you mean the Skype doesn’t work even when ActivePresenter is not running? We have tested with Skype and it works fine.


If I have the ActivePresenter running and then I make a video call on skype, ActivePresenter stops recording the audio beause the microphone system is taken over by skype,i.e, the audio goes to mute on the ActivePresenter from that second when the video call is initiated on skype.