Mkv and Wav file in Cached Folder missing

Hi, before this after we stopped a recoding, there will be a folder named “.ActivePresenterCachedProjects” saved at our destination location and there will be 4 files in there namely Untitled, Untitled-journal, .mkv and .wav.

Just now, I have recorded twice and copied the .mkv and .wav to another folder.

But, suddenly on my third recording when I stopped the recording there’re only 2 files in the folder. Untitled and Untitled-journal.
May I know why the .mkv and .wav file is missing?

Hope you can help.


That cached folder is not meant for touching by user unless you have a problem and are trying to recover a loss project.
ActivePresenter may create additional files whenever it needs, it may also not create additional files.
Please don’t do anything to that folder if ActivePresenter still works well.