How to deal with caché files that fill up disk space

Hi. I’m having problems during recording using the free version of ActivePresenter 8.02 and also tried 8.20. It works fine for short recordings but…

My laptop only has a disk of 256 Gb split into two partitions of around 110 Gb each. The C: drive, where the software is installed, has only 60 Gb free when I start to record an online video that I need to keep.

After about 1,5 hours of recording, I get a message saying there’s no more space in the laptop. When I checked in the APresenter folders in Document, I could see nothing.

Then I managed to make the hidden files visible and saw that there is a “Caché” folder inside the AP main folder, with subfolders containing 60 Gb, just enough to fill my C: free space…

My question is… Is AP functioning correctly here?
It is my problem because I need a bigger drive to use AP to record long videos?
Do the cached files get erased following the Export process?

Is there any other solution?

Hi Graham,

ActivePresenter is mainly designed for creating high quality training videos, with much emphasis on editing capabilities. It wasn’t intended as a simple screen recorder for recording very long sessions. So, it’ll work well when you record around 1 hour.

You can try selecting H264 video codec and Use Direct3D in Recording Settings as shown in the below image:

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