Infinite or # attempts in drag 'n drop quiz

For a D’n D quiz I would like the user to retry. So I used the try again feedback layer. Unfortunately, when clicking the button ‘retry’, it just closes the popup message and we end up at the last attempt, no way to reset this slide to the beginning phase. Retries is ‘infinite’, I also tried an amount of attempts.

Also, I can’t use ‘restart presentation’, as this seems to be the only way to reset the slide. The quiz is on slide 8 of 9 in a batch, so restarting everything is not done.

Any ideas please?

ActivePresenter version:
ActivePresenter Pro Edition
Version 8.1.1 - 64-bit build.


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Hi Ben,

In the Events - Actions section of the question, please add Clear User Input action to On Incorrect event as in the following image:



Thank you, Yen. Works like a charm. I also added the conditions, they weren’t used in my version.

After applying this, one question remains.
The answers are on the next slide. When the user wants to redo their quess work, they sometimes want to go back to the prev slide with the quiz. It then remains in the same state they left it after viewing the answers. I tried clearing the user input ‘On Load’ but it seems to only reset the button states, not the drag sources. The Submit button also lost it’s functionality.

How can I handle that?

Hi Ben,

The question cannot be reset if the maximum attempt is reached or the presentation already ends.
(Note that the presentation will end when you click the Review Course button).

So, please check the attempt that you’ve set up.


Thanks for the input, Yen!

Best regards,