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which tools does ActivePresenter Version 9 have to improve the quality of a video?
I read from previous discussions that you planned for some improvements in the MKV export, as well as in including more tools such as to adjust brightness etc. in the software.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @GiulianaB,

For reference, you can find what’s new in ActivePresenter by reading our post here:

Basically, regarding the video editing features, there are some new features in version 9 that the older versions do not include:

  • Cropping videos/ images to over 40 shape types (circle, rounded rectangle, oval. diamond, rectangle, …)
  • Allowing rotating and flipping objects vertically or horizontally
  • Adding audio and video quality and bit rate options when exporting
  • Selecting video encoder for H264 and HEVC when exporting
  • Adding the Opacity effect for objects.
  • Allowing exporting selected slides to video outputs

Besides, you can read further about:

Please take note that our software is not aimed for professional video editing purposes. We would like users to regard ourselves as an affordable and powerful eLearning authoring tool, with a bonus of easy-to-use video editing function (just like how another user recognizes here)

Therefore, please sympathize with us if you haven’t found the video editing features you are looking for in our software.
The features you mention are in our to-do list, but we haven’t had detailed plans for them yet. We are working on some higher prioritized tasks and we will soon inform users if there is any progress or ETA for new video editing features in the upcoming versions.

In the meantime, hope you still have a great experience with ActivePresenter version 9. Feel free to discuss and post other topics on our Community here if they concern you.

Have a nice day!
Quynh Anh

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Dear Quynh Anh,

thank you so much for your informative reply! :smiley:


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