5S SURVEY. Dear Users, We Need Your Help!

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Hey guys, our support team needs your help with this survey so we can have a clearer insight into customer experience as well as produce more helpful content to support you guys in the future. Thank you so much for your responses and I’m sorry if I bother you guys for tagging.
We’re welcome all your opinions as well so please don’t hesitate to comment any of your thoughts :heart:

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I’m sorry for any inconvenience when tagging you guys like this. We hope you can spend some time doing the votes in this survey. Much appreciate your help :heart:

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Hello. I like your software, but I Would like more templates. I want to use it to make interactive stories ( simple choice A or B, like interactive novels ).
Some other useful things are anything for education purposes

There are some major platforms now like Quizzes that use AI to generate interactive content very quickly. So since buying your product I have not really used it much. I see a future for it as a game prototyping tool perhaps?


Hi @Roderick_McDonald,

Thank you for your sharing.
We have noted down your feedback about templates and will soon work out a solution if other users share the same point of view as yours.

Regarding your expectation at a game prototyping tool, unfortunately, I can’t say we are having any plans on it.
One thing you can be assured is that ActivePresenter will be developed and upgraded based on users’ feedback, with the purpose of bringing back more convenient experience to users. Therefore, adding more templates and integrating AI are definitely in the foreseeable future. We hope you will still be one of our loyal customers by then to experience those features and give us feedback as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
But again, becoming a game prototyping tool is not our intention for ActivePresenter.

Hope the information helps clarify your concern.
Quynh Anh

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Oi Quynh Anh, tudo bem com você?
Veja, eu sempre usei seu software para fazer gravações de tela e algumas edições simples, como colocar legendas e recursos da versão gratuita, pois era apenas por hobby. Porém as coisas mudaram e tenho pensado muito em adquirir uma versão paga.

Mas olha o que está dificultando minha decisão: Recentemente fiz um curso online e ganhei um curso extra para criação e edição de vídeos, apresentação e ensino. Meu professor utiliza o Camtasia (ainda não testei) e me parece ter bem mais recursos do que o Active Presenter.
Apesar de eu amar o Active Presenter, tenho muitas experiências divertidas com ele, além de já ter me acostumado com a maiorias das funcionalidades. Uma funcionalidade que notei durante o curso no Camtasia e ainda não achei no Active é a configuração de cor, brilho, contraste e gamma em foto ou vídeo.
Outra coisa que achei ruim no Active (pelo menos ainda não encontrei) é uma função que me permite transferir a animação de uma foto (ou vídeo) para outra. Uso muito as animações, mas é muito trabalhoso e requer muito tempo aplicar animação em muitas mídias ou até mesmo trocar uma mídia com animação, por outra nova e ter que refazer o processo.
Sou novo no ramo e não sou profissional em edição de mídia, mas sou professor e preciso dominar essa área que facilita em muito o ensino.
Obviamente, uso outros programas em conjunto com seu software, mas preciso de mais agilidade e ainda não tenho certeza se vou adquirir sua versão paga.

Se puder me ajudar, esclarecendo alguns pontos que mencionei aqui, serei muito grato.

E agradeço muito pela disponibilidade da versão gratuita. Sério mesmo, gosto muito do Active e pensei até mesmo em dar crédito à vocês nos meus vídeos que publicarei nas mídias sociais. Apenas por gratidão e ajuda na divulgação do seu produto.

Desculpe o texto longo e talvez incompreendido em português.
Uma demonstração do que tenho trabalhado no Active:


Jeferson G.


Hi Jeferson,

We’re really happy when reading your sincere and detailed feedback.

First, we do agree with you on the lack of some video editing features as you mentioned. However, we just want to let you know that, ActivePresenter is an all-in-one authoring tool that mainly focuses on eLearning editing experience. This means that when it comes to building a course with interactive elements and high-level customization (interactive questions, conditional events - actions, variables, JavaScript,…), ActivePresenter will do its job well. And for some certain reasons, we’re afraid that including too many functions in a tool might cause complexity to users.
Meanwhile, Camtasia is, I must admit, an easy-to-use video editing tool with many built-in presets in animations or visual effects, focusing on fast video editing experience for beginners and intermediates.

But, you can be assured that we have well acknowledged ActivePresenter’s lack ability in animations and visual effects, and we are on the track with plans to implement those features in the future to complete the video editing experience for users.

In the meantime, I think you can still spend some more time experiencing and testing more advanced features of ActivePresenter to create interactive courses for your students. And, experiencing other tools as well to find the most suitable combo solution to deal with your needs.
Asking for other users’ thoughts on the Community about their experience with ActivePresenter to find the strong and weak points of the tool is also a good idea for you to have an objective POV over ActivePresenter.

We’re here if you need assistance in any issues or questions. Again, thank you so much for spend time trying and using ActivePresenter.
Really appreciate your time and effort with our software.

Quynh Anh


I have been a Camtasia user for about 20 years now - since just shortly after the initial release. I see it as an important tool in my toolbox. While ActivePresenter has some capabilities in this area - Camtasia will continue to be my “GO TO” for creating video.

ActivePresenter will be the “GO TO” for interactive content and experiences. Each tool has a place and a role to play.

I see these two products as compliments to one another - not competitors. A good carpenter has many tools in their toolbox so that they can choose the correct tool when the time comes.

For me it is easily justified to have both of them at my side when developing.


Wow @gregs, I must say I myself feel so impressed with all your experienced years you have spent learning and mastering different types of tools. :clap:
That’s why I believe with such experience, you have already had an objective comparison and overlook at each tool.

Thank you for your sincere sharing, and I do share the same opinion with you. In fact, despite how much we love and enjoy using a product, there are still some tasks a tool can not fulfil perfectly as we want. Therefore, combining the tools and regarding them as compliments to each other is truly a should-do movement when it comes to producing and editing content.
Depending on our purpose at a time, we can choose to either purchase a tool immediately, or wait until the time we’re in need of it or if there is a good deal then.

Again, we really appreciate and cherish your contribution to our community, Greg. I believe any software development team will feel lucky to have you as part of their community. Hope you will accompany with us in a long long journey ahead. :handshake:

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I like your software too. I’ve used Camtasia but only up to v. 9 and then tried and bought Active Presenter v6 when it first came out. I used it a little when I bought it and also during the lockdown. I published on Moodle through Scorm packages but I remember some students ran into problems opening up or viewing my courses. I then switched to H5P for interactive content in Moodle. I only recently updated but haven’t really started to develop courses yet.

I agree with Roderick_McDonald comments. It would be nice to have more available interactive templates to quickly publish. As he justly stated, there are now AI quiz apps that are very effective. Similarly, I would like to create interactive game structures and was thinking of trying to build up a way to create a Visual Novel type game by using narration, choice selection for branching and exploiting the various quiz types as challenges along the way. Unfortunately, it’s finding the time to study the possibility!


Hi @QuynhAnh_Vu , I am a mom of a boy with autism.
Years ago I started to create interactive teaching exercises to help him in his schooling and to make him better learn certain concepts that he could not understand, and I then made them available to many others with the same problems and not.
I am very proud of my project because so many schools use my site, especially support teachers.
I started many years ago creating exercises with Adobe Flash, I had created many of them…then when it was no longer supported I ended up with 1600 pages of exercises gone.
I felt I was dying, for so many years of work thrown away.
Then I met ActivePresenter and it was my salvation!
With your software I recreated all the exercises and so many more. It was a different way of working, but I found it very easy and intuitive, and after 2 to 3 months I learned many things about its functions…I soon learned how to use it… I fell in love with it!
All this also and especially with your help. I still don’t master JavaScript code, but that’s okay.
If I’m honest, the only thing I miss is the animations. Now as a substitute I use gifs and mostly videos, but the latter I find quite heavy and are not the same as vector animations. But you can’t have everything.
I am very satisfied with ActivePresenter and would recommend it to everyone!
Thank you for your great work and commitment, I wish you much more to give us.
I apologize if the translation sometimes changes the meaning of my words.


Hi Quynh Anh,

First of all, I want to say thank you for allowing us to evaluate your tool and giving our feedback publicly. I honestly believe the quality of your tool is competitive enough with the other two most known in the market (Captivate and Articulate). I wish you would be well known in the USA market. I say that because I googled another tool different from the last two I mentioned, and I could not find it. After several days of trying, I went to a website that provides alternative software for one of those two. And that’s where AP came up as a suggestion. I was glad I did find it. Since then, I have been using it almost daily.

So here’s the first suggestion: make yourself well-known in the market. It took me an outstanding amount of time to find a tool that’s NOT subscription-based and has your quality. Thank you for making it available for a smaller price than the others. Someone may argue, saying that it is too cheap to be creditable. I won’t go on this route. I think you have a fair price for what you sell. And I’m glad mere mortals like us can buy it and use it.

The best part of your tool is not the tool itself. It is the customer service and support you offer. I usually don’t get more than 12 hours without an answer to my questions coming from your team. And usually, the answers come from a very knowledgeable group of responders. They know what they say and are willing to help us with those complicated JS codes. I love when you give us samples of projects attached to your answers. This way, we can see the explanation and test the resource. I really love it. Please don’t change this aspect of your company. My suggestion would be to try to have some technicians answer us using North American time zones as well (I notice that the majority of the answers usually come when I’m sleeping :sleeping::wink:). But if it means increasing the cost of the tool to hire Americans, please disregard it.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the improvements on the YouTube videos. I love listening to those “cute girls” explaining it. It has been excellent compared to the old videos made by computer-generated voices. They are okay, but sometimes it can get too distracting having the background music. It gets too loud sometimes (I would suggest using better voices from computer-generate again. There are better quality ones that came up from last year with the AI revolution). But it is ok, I can survive with the videos. The girls are doing a great job recording them!:blush:

One thing I must say… I would love it if you could develop more examples using responsive projects. The 2-3 ones you have are not doing justice to your tools’s capacity. I tried Captivate for that purpose, and it gave me a more satisfactory result. Even with an iPhone, there are no weird results as I get using your tool. I’m doing a doctorate in Mass media development for Education, and I’m using your tool to develop a sampling of some projects. At this moment, I’m dealing pretty much with the building of interactions for teaching different subjects. Therefore, new forms of quiz and gamification (branching, etc.) would be always welcome! By now, you probably have known what the H5P does, and many times, I have wished you could incorporate a good set of those tools as part of your interaction options (this is one of my suggestions for improvements).

Regarding your interface, I believe if it becomes more complex in the future due to so many functionalities, it’s ok as long as you have a set of helping videos already ready to launch when you update it. A good set of training for new users. Maybe some webinars for new and current users. All led by your professional team according to its region of the world (I don’t know… maybe I’m dreaming too much while saying this). Just think about Photoshop when it was launched compared to today. It definitely became more complex. But the abundance of training material is tremendous. So, complexity should not compromise effectiveness, if you have the training.

I agree with some users regarding the need of much more templates for solving situations quickly. I know that the majority of users here don’t know JS coding. Therefore reward your team and keep up the good work they are doing.

I don’t know if you have plans to incorporate some Virtual Reality on your set of resources for AP, but it would be a great asset. I guess my te is too but I have felt desire to express this to you guys from a long time! Blessings on your good work. I’m looking forward to your new resources and what you have ahead for us, users.


Thanks, Eugene, for letting us know your thoughts.

Hope this time, you will have better experience with the latest version of ActivePresenter just like other users here.
We are working hard to soon apply the latest and most modern technology into our products. It does take quite a time, I must admit. But I still hope that you and other users can sympathize and stay with us by that time. We really value your companion and contributing feedback :pray:

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It’s touching to hear your story, @Betty.

You are such an inspirational person and I believe your son is so proud and grateful of you and all your effort. So are other moms/ dads and children with the same problems. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So, just keep doing your amazing work, keep being creative and producing meaningful content! You have us here accompany you in this journey :muscle:. We will try our best to improve our product more and provide users with the in-time support whenever you guys are in need. Your feedback on the animations has also been noted, and we ourselves do admit that this is truly a need-improve point.

Regarding the JavaScript code, I think you might have found some instructions how to use it in our User Manual. However, sharing from users can be a more useful and easy-to-understand guidance. I see that you have interacted with Mr. Greg on a thread about Intermediate JavaScript Guide. He’s a man full of experience with software, so I think you can follow his guide from the Beginner JavaScript Guide and more. We always encourage users to interact with each other on the User Community here so that whenever you have questions/ wonders, you can find similar cases or useful real-life sharing from users. :heart:

From the bottom of our heart, thank you for choosing us, Betty, and we wish you great health and great mind to create more valuable projects with your community. :100:


It’s glad to read all your contributing and sincere feedback, @Denilson_Reis :100:

Our internal team has noted down all your opinions and we will improve them gradually, starting from the YouTube videos and samples using responsive projects :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We will do some researches to come up with more training materials (for e.g.: webinars, training livestreams,…). We are also on the track of applying more modern technology into the software, so your suggestion with Virtual Reality has also been noted ^^

Thank you again for spending time, effort, and love for our software. Please share your personal experience with non-users around you who are finding a tool like ours if possible. And, we really hope you will be our long-term user, as well as we look forward to your feedback each time we launch something new. Any of users’ feedback will help complete our tool more :heart:



You can review sample content on our website.


@hamdi_goktas Thank you very much for your wonderful examples. THIS is exactly what I want to do with AP.

Unfortunately, there are only a few such examples where you can look at the source code of the projects. That’s why it’s not easy for a beginner to create such results with AP.

There was already a request for “game prototyping” above. I would go along with that. However, not to create prototypes, but in the sense of gamification of learning content.

I don’t think many changes or extensions would be necessary. A few predefined functions for animations, player variables and evaluations would be enough to make AP more accessible and interesting for many new users.

And examples, examples, examples …

I believe that many potential users do not recognize the possibilities of AP because there are too few well-made samples or templates.

@hamdi_goktas Your projects are so well made and lood so good, that I would be really grateful, if you could make the source code of one or two of these available for learning purposes.
Thanks for sharing these beautiful AP-made games :+1: :+1: :+1:


Newbie Feedback (a little late):

  1. Please maintain the focus on elearning authoring with built in video creation/editing. It’s a great combination. I notice some reviews (on websites) that compare AP to video editors, but I think it’s the wrong comparison. AP would be one of a billion video editors, but it is uniquely positioned as an affordable and powerful eLearning authoring tool (that happens to include basic video editing as an awesome bonus).

  2. Please continue to make the tool as flexible as possible and add features that reduce the need for coding (e.g more event-actions?). I’m so sad when I find cool projects and realize they can only be made with coding skills. :disappointed_relieved:

  3. Perhaps work on making common workflows more streamlined and less “manual”. For example, in Captivate, states are more powerful, so changing an item’s state can actually show and hide numerous images, shapes, audio, etc. at the same time, without each one having to be set up individually. I’m not saying that specifically should be done in AP (do your own thing! :slight_smile:), just an example to illustrate what I mean by making workflows less effortful.

  4. Keep up the incredible work in customer support. I’m absolutely amazed by the quick and thorough support here and how much the team listens. You are unrivaled in this area!


Reading through feedback like yours truly brings back to us so much motivation and encouragement. :100:

We are even happier as you have correctly realized our product orientation and valued it the way we hope customers will do with the software.
You’re right, we know that ActivePresenter still has limitations in terms of video editing features in comparison to other video editors on the market. But video editing orientation is not what we want to mainly focus on when developing the software. We want ActivePresenter to be an outstandingly affordable and powerful eLearning authoring tool, as you say. And, video editing will be the necessary bonus that contributes to that all-in-one and powerful ability.

Again, thank you so much for your compliments on our software and customer support service. We have also read and not missed out on any customers’ suggestions and contributions. We hope we can accompany you on this editing journey for a long time and you will remain as one of our loyal customers to witness and recognize how the software changes by time.

Please don’t forget to leave your opinions and feedback on other review platforms. It will help other non-users get to know about us more:

Quynh Anh

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@Chante - Another Captivate convert - Welcome!

Point 1 - I agree. I have seen more comparisons to video editors rather than eLearning authoring tools.

Point 2 - Freedom and flexibility is one of the most important aspects for me. That absolutely includes the ability to code with good support. I LOVE the JavaScript support offered by ActivePresenter. Without that - I would have been unable to switch myself.

Point 3 - I agree with the comment on states. It would be nice to add additional images to a state for example as well as the ability to simply go to the next or previous state as an action. Could make some nice gallery-like carousels or mimic some 3D rotation of items much easier.

Point 4 - 100%

Side note - don’t be afraid of coding. Always good to learn new things and you might be surprised at how many doors you can open with it.

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Hi! Thanks for the reply, Greg! I’ve looked at some of the projects you posted and am very impressed. :sunglasses:

I’m glad JavaScript is supported; I just hope that the program’s capabilities continue to increase, making it less necessary. I would like to learn JavaScript someday. I saw the tutorials you made (:pray:t3:) on it and made a note of them for future… But in the midst of an all-consuming dissertation, so definitely not the near future… :slight_smile: