I need help Sequence

Hello, I have asked about this issue before. Can we do anything about this or can I get some advice? I want to do it with a ranking question sequence.
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@eyyup_dogan - some thoughts/questions…

Do you prefer to have a drag and drop or perhaps a click the letters style of interaction?
How are you checking for the proper answer?

My approach to spelling types of interactions is to use an array to build the response.
In this manner - each letter that is selected is pushed to the array.
After the final letter is chosen - we join all the letter entries and compare it to the desired answer.
There are some other methods for checking as well such as assigning a unique numeric value to each different letter and using them as a check digit with some sort of algorithm to make sure the correct letter is in the right spot.

I recently did a spelling interaction but used clickables to make the words.
You can see that example at the post below. I think what you are attempting to do could be a modification of what I did there.
Animal Spelling - Trial Mode Testing

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Another thought…

If you stick with the horizontal sequence - perhaps a simple marker of some sort on the letter to show an order would work…?

Since the sequence activity will look for a certain one to be placed - even though it is the same letter - numbering them might help the learner know which of the repeating letters to use first when they try to set the correct sequence.


I think this would be the easiest approach to the issue.
I made a quick mockup with the same letters being isolated in some way.
Just provide direction to the learner. In this case - red before yellow.


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Please refer to the attached project for more details. This project uses JavaScript to record the answer position before submitting it. We have not conducted comprehensive testing, so we recommend testing it on your own.

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multi_correct_sequence_question.approj (372 KB)

Thank you for the answer. It was very nice of you to do this. Did you do it in JavaScript? @gregs

Thank you for the answer. It’s a good suggestion, I’ll consider it, but I’m worried it might make the question asked too easy. @gregs

Thank you very much @Hang . I did a few trial tests and didn’t see any problems, it works fine. This was exactly what I wanted, I will add it to my own work and try it that way.

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@eyyup_dogan - the sequence using different shades of color uses no JavaScript.
The animal spelling does use JavaScript.

Thank you @gregs . I’m doing it again, I’ll write to you if I need help. :slight_smile: