How to merge multiple videos into one video?

I have 3 short videos saved on my desktop, I need to merge them into one video,
could you please help how to do this with ActivePresenter7?,
so how can do this ?

Hi almadar,

You can insert your videos into an opening project and join them into one.

  • To insert videos: On the tabbed toolbar, click the Annotations tab > Video > From Files…. You can also drag and drop your videos directly onto the Canvas.

  • To join videos: In the Timeline pane, select your videos > Join Audio/Video Objects. The videos will be merged based on the ascending order of their start time.

For more details, please take a look at this tutorial: Splitting and Joining Videos.


I tried this option already, but whenever I import the 2nd video it goes over the previous one, so I dont know how to drag or find a way how to make it?
I watched the video splitting and joining on YT, but is not apply to what I need to do,

do you have any clear video or captured images showing this how to be done?

You can arrange the timeline of each video track using the Timeline pane, just drag them to arrange which one to appear first,…


I searched and watched that video several times on YT before to come and ask here,
what showing there is how to split a vdo into parts and join them again,
is not showing: importing several parts of vdos and how to join these part together, understand what I asked about?

what I was said is: i have 3 separated videos, how to import them and join them together to be as 1 piece of video,
whenever import any of vdo, it comes over the previous one,
so this is the problem I can’t find the solution,

Take a look at this video:

thanks foe this clear demonstration, but the pieces of vdos can’t be in the same line,
I mean I can move them forward and back, but can’t drop to the lower or upper time line, is there is button to click before moving? I repeated the shot vdo did not see what you clicked before moving them to join in the same time line,

You don’t need to make them in a same line. Just arrange them in Timeline as the order they appear in final video and click Join audio/video tool.

Thank you very much, was done properly, appreciated with thanks!

Hello, when I add two videos, the second timeline does not appear in the timeline tab, it is only one timeline or another. They appear in two slides, not in just one slide one over another like in your tutorial. How do I put them just one on top of another so I can join the timelines?

Hi @Viorel,

It seems that other users have the same concern as yours.
Please refer to this thread to find out the answers: Merging 2 Activepresenter Videos together - #6 by PhuongThuy_Le

Also, we want to add further information that merging videos from different slides can be very useful to edit videos continuously without switching slides.
But in case you just want to preview them, it doesn’t need to perform this step.

Hope it helps.