First animation

Hi everyone! I am trying to learn Saola Animate in my trial period to make sure I make an educated decision of whether I should buy this software or not.

I am trying, with no success (so far), to import an svg image from teh website and animate it in Saola. I only can import the entire image but not ungroup its elements to manipulate them separately. I am doing something wrong here?

Right now I’m using “Element > Image > Inline SVG”. But the image is grouped with all elements in it! How can I ungroup them?

Thank you!

Hi Victor,

I have occasionally done what your trying to achieve in a couple of projects but with limited success depending on the complexity of the SVG.

You have to open the SVG in a vector application and select all the elements and copy and paste them on to the Saola canvas.

I asked about this a while back and Atomi’s reply was useful for my vector software - Paste vector graphics as freeform shapes

I can highly recommend Saola Animate having used it for years now but if your serious about using external SVGs, I’d invest in some decent vector software where you can split them up and import parts into Saola for animation.


Hi @Victor_Westmann,

At this time, Saola Animate hasn’t supported animating separate elements in an SVG image.
You can do as @mackavi suggested or draw on the Saola Animate Canvas directly by yourself.


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Hi there, thank you for your quick reply to my question!

In one hand I got happy to know that there is a workaround to my question… which is not that complicated to be honest. However, on the other hand, will I have to do this every single time I want to edit/animate complex SVG images? This is a deal breaker for me… honestly.

Also, I got intrigued as to why the Saola Animate program seems not to be compatible with the command to split screens in Windows 10 on the right hand side of the screen. Do you know of any reasons as to why I can’t drag the window of the application to the right or left of my screen while using Windows 10?

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Hi Victor,

Actually, dragging the application window to snap the computer screen features caused some other errors.
For that reason, we no longer support it.

Best regards,