Exporting time and questions


After having followed the tutorial “Send Quiz Report to Google Sheets or to an Email Box” and succesfully collecting datas from the tests I’ve done, I tried adding some informations but I haven’t managed to obtain the results I’m looking for.

I wish to add to the template I copied two rows on the report. One for the questions’ statements, and one for the user’s time on the question. I’ve thought about adding manually the questions’ text to the template but it would be quite inefficient if I were to create many different ressources.
My reasoning was to create variables in the project that would get the desired informations (something like QuestionText1, 2, 3 and QuestionTime1, 2, 3) and call upon them in the JSON script but I’m too unfamiliar with the language to find how to do it and how hard it would be.

Does such reasoning make sense or is there a simpler way to do collect this data ? Thanks in advance for any answers.


Please take a look at this topic Custom Variables in Report. You should create custom variables for your need and attach them to JSON report data. After that, in the Google App Scripts code, you parse that data to display in the report sheet.


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