End Course trigger doesn't work

When I add the button with onclick/end presentation it should close the window and exit the course. What it does instead?-It clears out text frames in whole course. Nothing else. Seems like something is wrong. My Version is 7.5.13. I have found one more issue but it’s related to variables.

Quick update: the same happens when I use apCmdEnd.


Hi Tomasz,

No, End Presentation action or apCmdEnd variable does not close the window.
It marks the lesson as ended, any further actions that affect the learner results (such as submitting a quiz) will be blocked.
It also notifies the LMS that the lesson is completed, and send the report to the HTTP report address if you use LMS or HTTP report.

Why it doesn’t close the window? Because browsers will not allow to close its window/tab if it is not opened by scripts. And the learners may want to review the lesson after finishing it.

If you want to close the browser window/tab, you can use the following script:

// unload the lesson from the page
// try to close the browser window/tab, only work if the window/tab is opened by scripts

However, if you’re using LMS or HTTP report, please make sure that the report is sent successfully before closing the browser window/tab.

Please feel free to create another topic for this issue.


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Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. I think would be nice to put that information in the user manual. The only information about End Presentation is on the page 193. There I can find the table with very short information

Action:End Presentation
Description: Exit the presentation.

I have 1 more question to this topic. How to achieve the same result as exit button in the player’s toolbar? It does exactly what I need but… I am not using the standard player. I use my own buttons and this is why I need exit as exit :smiley:


Hi Tomasz,

We’ll update the manual in the future release.
Regarding the exit button in the player toolbar, it uses the same script as I mentioned in my previous answer.


It works! Thanks for the reply.