Exit Button Question

Problem: My customer is using Success Factors LMS and we added an Exit button at the end of the course. But they click on it and it looked like it did nothing…… Is there a way the Exit button completes the course and close the window? or is there some sort of Submit button? or we just need to add an instruction to close the browser window?

On a separate question, we include questions all along the course, is there a way the student can jump into the next section without the need to complete the videos and/questions on a previous section?

ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: Windows 10


Hi Benjamin,

Regarding the button to complete the course, please refer to this thread for more information: End Course trigger doesn't work

To allow students to jump to the next section, you can:

  • Set Free for Navigation in Player Settings. (Export tab > Player Settings > General > Content > Navigation). Then, click the button on the toolbar.
  • Add Go to slide action to the button of a slide.


Hello Hang, thanks for your reply. This is my first time using Active Presenter and looking at the thread you sent I see that a response was “If you want to close the browser window/tab, you can use the following script…” Do you have a manual to where exactly and how introduce those scripts in Active Presenter?

Also on the second question I was able to set Free for Navigation, thanks!

Hi Benjamin,

Depending on your specific purpose use, you can write a custom script in the following areas:
● The Event tab of a project (ActivePresenter button > Project > Properties > Event).
● The Execute JavaScript action in the Events - Actions section of the Properties pane.
(These are mentioned on page 254 of the User Manual.)

In this case, you want the student to click the Exit button to close the course. > you should add that script to the Exit button as follows:

  • Select the Exit button
  • Add On Click event (In the Properties pane, Events-Actions > On Click)
  • Add Execute JavaScript action
  • Write the script here.