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Email copy of slide

(Chris Balsom) #1

I would like to email a copy of a slide not show when button is pressed.

I have my results screen and after that if they have passed then it shows a certificate. I have the java to print this but want to be able to email a copy of the slide as PDF, or Jpeg.

How do I do this???

(Nam Nguyen) #2


Unfortunately, ActivePresenter doesn’t support this feature.


(Chris Balsom) #3

Do you know of a way to force it to print as pdf so they can email as attachment?

(Nam Nguyen) #4


It seems that there is no easy way to force to print the content as a PDF file. Users have to select the output format in the print windows then attach that PDF file in the email.


(Nam Nguyen) #5

Hi Chris,

Here is a sample about email (or download) a copy of the slide as PNG.

In this sample, the first slide contains two text boxes for users input their name and their email address (which will be used to send email).

The second slide contains the certificate. Because of some technical limits, this slide should only contain images and texts. Please take a look at On Load event of this slide - here we add custom javascript code for download or send email action.

We use Google Script to send the email. You can see the sample code here:

Here is the guide for deploying a Google Script as a web app:

Hope this helps,

Regards,Certificate.approj (1.1 MB)

Email button to email PDF of SLIDE
(Chris Balsom) #6

Nam, Thanks for the assist.

This works so well and is exactly what I am looking for.

This template you supplied send from your email address, How do I change that to send from the learners?

(Nam Nguyen) #7


Sending email from the learners’ email requires users authentication. The web app will send email on behalf of users so I don’t think that is a good idea.


(Chris Balsom) #8

SO how do I change to web app to say that email is from my website/address and not yours. I know nothing about JAVA SCRIPTING.

(Nam Nguyen) #9


Please follow this tutorial (find the Deploying a script as a web app section) to deploy your web app. After complete deploy, you will see your web app URL.

Then replace my web app URL by your web app URL in Slide 2 -> On Load -> Execute JavaScript


(Chris Balsom) #10

Thanks heap, I have successfully created the button.