Quiz/Test - Student/Learner Details

Hello, I have now arrived to learn and understand how the quiz/test questions, scoring and report works.

I have the following question: Normally the student’s details (Name, position etc) shoudl be filled in by the student, and this should be shown on the report page.
Is there a preset template/example and/or training video how to create a page which is filled in by the student and this info shown on the report?

Hi Joseph,

Welcome to ActivePresenter community.

Creating a starting slide where students can fill in their information such as name and position is in a matter of clicks with ActivePresenter.
You first need to grab basic knowledge about using variables, references, and report slides. Please take a look at the following tutorials for more details:

Here is a sample project for your reference:


Hello, thank you for the reply. I watched the videos and trying/testing learning the functions.
I have two questions: In the Variables, I fill in the Default Values, but when the page with the student data entry opens (Name, company etc) the default values do not show. Also when the report is created, the default values do not show in the report either. How to make this work?

It is important to be able to save the report in PDF format. How can this be done?


As you would like the student’s name and position to be shown in the report slide after he/she enters his/her name and position into 2 Text Entries, you have to create 2 text variables. Please make sure that you create a TEXT variable since user input is a string (text).

Then, add the variable you created above to the Variable section of each Text Entry.
Regarding the Report Slide. You first add a report slide at the end of the course. Then, you assign a reference to this variable to a text box. (Home tab > Reference > select the variable you want).

You can save the report in PDF or PNG format. However, please note that this requires complex coding skills. For more information, please refer to this thread: Email copy of slide - #2 by namnt
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