Dynamic preloading, easy way?

Hello nice people out there. I am working on interactive media with saola and wonder if there is an easy way to both unload content that became obsolete when skipping thru a story and dynamically preload for the next scenes?

Thanks, Martin

Hi Martin,

The entire resources of all the scenes will be preloaded when starting the project.
Thus, they don’t need to be reloaded for the next scene.


Hello and thanks for the answer…

I am not sure if it addresses what I am looking for… Imagine I wanted to show say 10 videos full hd on 30 scenes. It would be great to load only 1 video with the preloader, then start the animation while loading the rest of the videos load in background or, even better, let the loading begin at a certain scene.

Is there any chance to do that? Thanks.


Hi Martin,

Please refer to this article to learn how to start the animation while loading the background:

If you still want to load scenes one after another, you will have to code quite complicatedly.