Crop images, videos

I would also appreciate the ability to crop videos and images directly in AP. My workaround is for pictures to edit it by Gimp.

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Hi Raffael,

  • In Active Presenter, you can crop an image directly by using Crop function in Image Editor:
    Right click an image => choose Edit Image to open Image Editor > click Crop.
  • Crop videos: we will try to support it in the future releases.


Was this cropping feature ever added? I don’t see how to crop videos


This feature will be available in ActivePresenter 9

In ActivePresenter 8, you can see the tutorial below to know how to crop videos and images: How to Crop Image & Video - ActivePresenter 8 - YouTube


When is ActivePresenter 9 scheduled for release?
Thank you.

Hi Christ,

We expect it will be available in the first quarter of the next year.