Crop imported images

Will be great to crop the images imported erasing segments not usefull.

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You can adjust the image element size and its background position to make it appear as if it’s cropped:

  1. Select the image element on Canvas.
  2. In Properties pane > General tab > Image section, change Background Image Width, Height unit to px (default is %)
  3. In Properties pane > General tab > Image section, set negative Background Image X, Y to crop the left, top sides of the image.
  4. In Properties pane > Position & Size tab > Position & Size section, reduce Width, Height to crop the right, bottom sides of the image.

Another workaround is setting Clip property in Properties pane > Effects tab > Clip section.


again with this topic:

is possible to make easy this process?
is not easy at all to adjust the precise points

Please add the crop option.


We’ll add this feature to the user wish list. But it’s implemented or not mostly depending on the numbers of user requests on this feature.

P/S: You can use Up/Down arrow key or mouse wheel to increase/decrease a property value.


Thanks for your answer
I hope

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