Collision Detection

Add some type of collision detection and I’m in!!!
To create games, eLearning activities, simulations, etc it is paramount to have some kind of collision detection between sprites. Ex: When Sprite X collides with Sprite Y go to scene… (do this, do that)

Hi Starcentric,

You can import and use a third party JavaScript library which supports collision detection. To add a JavaScript library into current version of Saola Animate, please see this topic: AddExternal Javascript Libraries (We’ll make importing external JS libs more easier in the next major version).

For simple collision detection, please check the attached sample: CollisionDetection.saolapack (2.0 KB)


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Oh yes yes yes this !
Saola Animate is already a 1:1 match to Macromedia Flash hype days.
It can do everything to match it now, and just as easy !
It is now fully capable of making interactive site easily !!!
Now yes…once it has built in even basic AABB rect collision detection built in…wow…then we will be talking about going back to the era of great simple and cute Flash games again !!!