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AddExternal Javascript Libraries

Is there a way to add external javascript libraries? Can you modify the HTMl Head?

Update: For version 2.0 and later, see this tutorial:


To add external javascript libraries, please do the following steps:

  1. In Document pane, click Event Handlers to open Document Event Handlers window.
  2. In the Document Event Handlers window, select Create event, then add a Run Javascript action:
    function onDocumentCreated(doc, e) {
        // doc.preloader.add(scriptUrls) scriptUrls can be a single url or array of urls
        // example:

With the code above, external libraries will be loaded before the document starts playing the first scene.


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Thank you toanls! This will help.


This feature has been implemented in Saola Animate 2.0:

You can modify the HTML template directly inside Saola Animate, or add the JavaScript library to Resources pane.