Cannot open my project .approj

I cannot open the files which were created in activepresenter, the software “turns” for a long time but there is nothing, I have no error message just “active presenter does not answer”.

ActivePresenter Version: 6.14 or 7 (test with both version, same problem)

OS: Windows 10



  1. Which ActivePresenter version did you use when creating those projects?
  2. Where are those projects stored? local or network drive?
  3. Does it work if you create a new project, save and open it again?


Thanks for your reponse.

  1. I use the version 7 when i created the projects and i cannot open those in version 7 so i try with the 6.1.4 version to create and open : same problem (There is video, son, layer imported of power point in my projects)
  2. the projects are stored on enterprise network
    3.I create a project with a simple text box, save and open : it works


Hi Helene,

So the problem is probably just that ActivePresenter needs more time to open the project file. It is a known issue that it takes very long time to open project files stored on network drive.
Please copy the project file to local drive and try if it works.



I copy my projects on local drive and its works !