Audio Playback Timeline Glitch in 2.7

I think there is an issue in the 2.7 update.

In the editor, if you have a timeline with multi audio files and try playing the timeline, at different points in time, it triggers the audio earlier on the timeline as well as from the current position.

Hi Mack,

Thank you for reporting the issue. Maybe it is raised after fixing the first bug in this thread: Sound Problem on Timelines
We’ll check and try to fix it soon.


Yes, sorry, I should have included that information. I tested the same project on 2.6 and it doesn’t occur - so it’s specific to 2.7.

Did you manage to confirm whether this was an issue as it’s still happen on my machine?

Also, can you consider adding the ability to preview audio used in a scene. I know I can do this from the resources panel, but once it’s on the scene it seems only possible to hear it when added to a timeline and played.

I think it would be useful, at least that’s what I’m finding, if you could just preview the audio from either the elements panel, from the element on the scene or in the media panel.


Hi Mack,

I’m sorry I’ve missed this thread.
Yes, it’s an issue specific to version 2.7. We’ll try to fix it in the next update.
The workaround is inserting a Pause media playback at the end of the media:


About audio preview, we’ll consider adding this feature to Media section in Properties pane.