Sound Problem on Timelines

I think there may be an issue with sound playing on the timelines.

If you add sounds to a timeline and have a pause action for the timeline that occurs after the sounds have completed - when you resume (play) the timeline all the sounds that have already played - start again.

sound_issue.saolapack (65.2 KB)

Hi Mack,

Thank you for reporting the issue. We’ll try to fix it in the next update.

In the meantime, please insert a Pause Media playback after the end of the Start Media playback (but before the Pause Timeline trigger) to overcome this issue.


I’m sorry for this inconvenience.


Thanks Toan Le,

As they are just short sound bites, I ended up just playing them with the media event start but the time-line fix will make it easier.

Also, I don’t know whether it’s possible, but maybe in the future, could we have some functionality that makes updating audio files easier - like we have with the image from resources / file option. I ask because my clients tend to give me updated audio files as the project progresses - and I have to remove it from the scene / timeline before re-inserting it (Unless I’m doing it wrong :slight_smile: .)


Yes, we’ll try to make updating audio/video files easier in future updates.


I think there maybe another issue with sounds. Several of my scenes have multiple sound files. As I’m using timeline triggers because of the issue above, I add the trigger and select the appropriate action such as start, pause or play and then select the sound file to use.

The problem appears to be that it doesn’t make any difference what sound file I select it always defaults to the first sound file in the menu list.

I’ve also tried adding a media event using with an event handler on other elements and the select sound file also defaults to the first item in the menu list.

Hi Mack,

I confirm that it’s an issue when adding a Media action in Event Handlers window.
We’ll fix it in the next update.
For the time being, after adding a Media action, please double-click Target Object field to make it editable, then click to select the correct sound from the list. This issue will not occur when editing an existing action.