AP complaining of not enough disk when 2+gb available


I’ve a project with total mkv+mp3 file size of ~8gb. This is on E:\ and has 36+gb available

My OS is on C:\ which has 2+gb available. AP is installed on C:\

I open this E: project and AP keeps complaining :

can’t write to file descriptor 10 (error 112: There is not enough space on the disk.)

Is it complaining disk crunch on E: or C: ?

I’m just viewing the project. Why does it need enough disk on C:?
And if I’m editing, shouldn’t it use the disk on E:?



It’s likely that the error message is indicating an issue with the C:. Despite the user only viewing the project without making any changes, ActivePresenter still requires an intermediary storage location for tasks such as extracting audio, video, and image files. You can refer to the following link to know how to change the temp folder to D: