AP complaining of not enough disk when 2+gb available


I’ve a project with total mkv+mp3 file size of ~8gb. This is on E:\ and has 36+gb available

My OS is on C:\ which has 2+gb available. AP is installed on C:\

I open this E: project and AP keeps complaining :

can’t write to file descriptor 10 (error 112: There is not enough space on the disk.)

Is it complaining disk crunch on E: or C: ?

I’m just viewing the project. Why does it need enough disk on C:?
And if I’m editing, shouldn’t it use the disk on E:?



It’s likely that the error message is indicating an issue with the C:. Despite the user only viewing the project without making any changes, ActivePresenter still requires an intermediary storage location for tasks such as extracting audio, video, and image files. You can refer to the following link to know how to change the temp folder to D:


Shouldn’t AP use the same disk from which the project is opened? If I were to change the default each time, it would be so time consuming. Say I change to E: (which is a USB drive - temporary, right?) and now, I’ back to my projects on C: and have removed USB drive. Now, AP will again complain it cannot find E:

AP needs to be fixed to NOT copy audio/video and rather change/edit the open file in place instead of making a copy. Or if it were to make a copy, it should first use the same drive on which the project lies and if enough space is not available there, then it should try to use C: (or default App temp location)

What do you say?

Hi Rakesh,

The temp file is stored separately for convenient management, a practice followed by nearly all applications.

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Hello, given the scenarios, this standard practice is not helping. Is this not a time we challenge traditional practices and go towards more appropriate and efficient ones?

Hi Rakesh,

For your information, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages highlighted by both users and app developers, it can be concluded that this is presently the most practical and effective approach, benefiting the majority of users.

I trust that you can comprehend and grasp the point I am trying to convey.

Disk Free Space: 5.71G

Size of Recording:
Audio: 4.44G
Video: 6.88G

Still it complains:


I was earlier told that AP moves the Audio/Video files and doesn’t copy. Now, why is it complaining then? because you guys are copying and not MOVING!!!


Can this be made efficient so AP works in least required resources and still perform good???

Version: 9.1.0

Now, when I “Save As” this project on a USB drive with 7.36 TB free space

Here is what I get


What!!! Why ???

This is a bug. AP needs a fix.


Thank you for your information.

To help us further investigate your case, could you please send the following 3 files to our dedicated support email at support@atomisystems.com?

You can find these files in the following path:


email sent with those 3 files.

Another error on similar issue (disk crunch and AP is copying instead of moving).


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Thank you for sending those files via email.

After checking them, we discovered that in this case, the file is being moved as intended. However, when you record and save the new project with the same name as an existing one on your computer, the file is copied instead of being moved.
Rest assured, we have taken note of this issue and will address it in our upcoming update. We will notify you as soon as the update is available.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation throughout this process.

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Thanks for the update!

Saving of project with an existing name was second attempt to save the project - which also failed.


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Hi Rakesh,

We have released an update (ActivePresenter 9.1.1) that fixes the issue with copying instead of moving resource files.
To get the update, please go to the Help tab > Check Updates.

Have a great day!

thanks Hang for the update.

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