Zoom com "CTRL + SCROLL MOUSE" fica descentralizado

Quando estou editando algum slide e preciso dar zoom num ponto especifico de uma imagem, usando “CTRL+CURSOR DE ROLAGEM” ou simplesmente zoom no “botão+” na parte direita abaixo, não é possível centralizar o zoom onde eu preciso e tenho que ficar arrastando com a barra de rolagem para chegar lá. Seria tão mais eficiente se o zoom fosse onde eu quero rapidamente. Atrasa muito o trabalho.

“It would be great if zooming can be centered at the current cursor location when scrolling the mouse wheel for zooming”.

Thank you for your feedback.

Regarding the button on the right below the canvas, it does not assist zooming at a certain point. When you click the button, you have moved your cursor outside the canvas, so clicking this button can only zoom the content inside the canvas in general based on the percentage. Therefore, to zoom a certain point on the canvas, you need to place the mouse at that certain point on the canvas and scroll your mouse to zoom in.

Regarding zooming using mouse scroll, when you scroll the mouse, the point your mouse cursor is at has been changed. To zoom correctly at the point you want, each time you scroll a bit. you need to skillfully move your mouse cursor back to the original point you want to zoom at.
This can not be done quickly as you request, unfortunately.

But we have acknowledged your experience with this issue and will consider fixing and updating this feature if there are more requests from other users.
In the meantime, we are staying focused on more priority tasks, so, we will inform you if we have plans to update this feature in the future.

Thank you and much appreciate your opinion.
Quynh Anh