Zoom at cursor in canvas

It would be great if zooming can be centered at the current cursor location when scrolling the mouse wheel for zooming.

Thank you, Klaas.
We’ll add this feature to the request pool.


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Can I add to this that the canvas is centred on screen. At the moment, if you have elements off canvas, everything is fitted to screen.

Indeed it’s a feature. Are you annoyed by it?

Yes. When working on a project with multiple scenes that have elements off canvas in different locations, as you switch between scenes - the canvas is moved around the workspace as it tries to fit everything to the screen. This can also result in parts or all of the canvas outside of the workspace.

Maybe I’m confusing the definition of canvas and scene? But the area in white in the image below is what I was expecting to fit to screen. Maybe we can have an option for both choices?

Thank you for the details, Mack.
We’ll take it into consideration.