Is there a way to stop the viewport from "resize to fit" everything I move something out of screen?

Problem: Everything I move something out of the screen, the viewport will move or resize, basically “shift” to accommodate to make sure you can still view the element you have just moved.

Is there a way to stop this behavior ? It is rather disorienting, thank you :smiley:

Saola Animate version: Saola Animate v2.7.1

OS: Win 10

Thank you.

Hi Bracer,

Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop this behavior in the current version.
I’m wondering how to drag an element beyond the current view if the workspace isn’t resized?


First of all are you the creator of the software ?
Can you help me to relay a BIG THANK YOU to the creator ?

You guys are creating what Flash SHOULD HAVE BEEN during the transition from ActionScript 3 to HTML 5.

I have faith in this program, it has already the beginning of yet another revolution, this is everything that Flash ought to be by now but not when it comes to the correct implementation of HTML 5 authoring.

You guys are doing a GOOD JOB !!!
I have ZERO complains, it is just that this is rather dis-orientating because when you are designing, you are “in the zone” and when the “canvas” suddenly moves or shift, it takes you right out of the zone and momentarily disorientates you, and sometimes it doesn’t just move a little to the left or right, sometimes it even auto zoom ! That is disorientation x 2.

It is very common to put element outside of the canvas as stand-by (Flash users would understand ;p), if I want to access it I will just scroll or pan to it.

Again even if this cannot be fix I can live with it, I am slowly learning this program and I am thinking of teaching this to my students someday.

Thank you for this amazing program !

Thank you Bracer! We’re glad to hear that Saola Animate is helpful to you.

There’s a Fit on Screen button at the bottom right corner of the application window (or in View > Zoom). If it’s enabled, the canvas will be scaled automatically to fit on the screen.

We just want to know the reason behind the request to consider if and how a feature should be improved, so please feel free to give your opinion.


Can I add a plus one to this request. It would be helpful if the scene position / zoom level could be fix to the canvas area.

I found when building projects with multiple scenes, if there were elements outside the scene on the canvas, that switching between scenes changes the view according to the current canvas zoom level or automatically fits if enabled.

It would be helpful, if there was a zoom / fit to scene option as well so that when you displayed a scene it showed in the centre of the canvas at either the selected zoom level or centred and fitted to canvas.

Hi mackavi,

We’ve already noted your request from this thread: Zoom at cursor in canvas
We’ll consider all these things at once.


Thanks. I forgot I’d asked already.