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I have a 30-minute video and I want to ask a question by showing different minutes on each slide. Since the size of the video is 1 GB, I cannot embed it in active presenter. When I add it as a YouTube video, when I click on the YouTube logo, I cannot get any results because the next minutes are watched on YouTube.
1- Is it possible to remove the YouTube logo?
2- If I add it to Vimeo, I can upload it without the logo, but I cannot have it watched at intervals.
We will either remove the logo or make it watch at intervals on Vimeo, which does not seem possible. How can you help?

@hamdi_goktas - A thought…

Have you considered breaking the video down into smaller chunks?
Perhaps that would allow you to embed them in AP and do what you want to accomplish…?

If practical - the smaller video portions could be individual AP projects that make up a larger “chapter”.

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There are 100s of questions in a mathematics book and dozens of books. When I divide it into small pieces, there will be 10 thousand pieces of video and the workload will be high. :slight_smile:

I was thinking more like a half dozen roughly 5-minute videos rather than one 30-minute video and finding a place where it might break nicely.

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Hi guys,

Please find my answers to your questions below, @hamdi_goktas:
1. Removing the YouTube logo
Unfortunately, it’s not possible to remove the YouTube logo when embedding a video directly from YouTube into ActivePresenter. The logo is part of YouTube’s standard branding and cannot be modified or removed through the app.

2. Playing the Video at Intervals on Vimeo
You are correct that Vimeo may not offer the capability to play the video at specific intervals as required for your project. Vimeo’s video playback typically follows a linear progression without the option to skip to different minutes within the video.

So, it may be a good idea to break up the video into smaller sections, as Greg said. Or using a YouTube video with its logo.

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