Youtube "Play Specific Part" not working for me

I have set a Start Time and End Time for a YouTube video object and selected the Play Specific Part option. The YouTube object is invoked by clicking a shape, so it is Initially hidden, and is set to Autoplay. However, when the video launches, it plays from the beginning.

ActivePresenter version:

OS: Windows 10 Pro



We have tested the case and it still works well. Maybe the Youtube start time is from the 2nd second so it seems like the video plays from the beginning. Could you please try increasing the start time of the Youtube object to see if it works?

If that’s not the cause of the issue, please send us your project and the log file to so we can further check it. We just need the slide containing the Youtube object, so you can delete the other slides.

To view the log, in the Start Page, click Preferences (the gear icon) > Miscellaneous > View Log.

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Thank you - I had the decimal point in the wrong place. Can close.