X265 being reencoded again when exporting

Problem: I transcoded my x264 files to x265 to save space and bandwith but when I exported my project and checked the file size of my x265 files and the exported file in the resources folder, they differed so much. I checked the media info in the resources folder and it seems that the file is not hevc after all but AVC. I kept the video quality at 100 percent to avoid reencoding when exporting. So why does it reencode it to AVC?

ActivePresenter version: 9

OS: Windows 10

Hi Aytug,

ActivePresenter 9 does not utilize HEVC (H.265) for its HTML5 output as it is not commonly supported. For more information, refer to the Wikipedia page on HTML5 video: HTML5 video - Wikipedia.

In addition, video objects in ActivePresenter may contain additional effects and editing information. So, the program will always re-encode the video resources, even when the 100% quality option is selected.


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