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[Won't Do] Allow dragging multiple objects between lines

Currently, if I select multiple objects (e.g. video clips) on a single line, and attempt to drag them to a different line, they don’t move.

I think it would be convenient if, when multiple objects (or at least multiple adjacent ones) were selected, they could be dragged together to a different line.



It’s quite complicated to make it work as you describe. So, in the current version, we only support moving one object.


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I kind of suspected that was the case (also, I’m a programmer, I totally understand the pain).

Maybe a partial option would be easier to implement? Ideas include:

  • Only allow this if the selected clips are adjacent, no empty space, and only let it be dropped in a location where the entire selection fits, or
  • Hack it internally (for video clips) by temporarily joining the clips (as if “join clips” were pressed), dragging them as a single clip, and then, on drop, splitting it at the original clip boundaries so it becomes a bunch of clips again, or
  • Instead of drag, maybe add a context menu for “move all to next / previous line” that tries to move all the selected clips up/down in a less complicated way.
  • Something else…?

Just some brainstorming.


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