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Whole Keyframe Display

Hello. Is it possible to set the Soala Timeline to display in whole keyframes without the smaller timecodes in milliseconds? I am finding it extremely difficult to keyframe objects easily as the timeline will not always drag to a whole keyfame. I keep missing it by milliseconds and creating duplicate keyframes milliseconds apart. This is very frustrating for an animator who is used to working with whole keyframes.

Also…why is there 10 frames to a second when the timeline is set to display 1 second? it would be a lot better if the timeline could display frames per second, 24 or 25 etc etc.

Many thanks

Hi Deek,

There’s no frame concept in Saola Animate.
You can enable timeline snapping, show timeline grid to snap keyframes to the grid easily.
You can also set the playhead at a specific time to add new keyframes, or move existing keyframes to that time.

Ctrl+mouse scroll can be used to zoom the timeline to a suitable scale.


Thanks for the response again TaonLS.
I managed to find the snapping function and it has helped a lot.
Thank you again