Where exactly in Wordpress to upload the HTML5 files

Problem: Where exactly in Wordpress file location to upload the HTML5 files generated by the software.?

Saola Animate version: Required. 2.7.1

OS: Required. Windows 10


Hi Giovs,

You can upload HTML5 folder to anywhere in your website root folder or its descendant folders.
The root folder location depends on your server configuration. The following article may help you to find it: https://www.hitechwork.com/find-root-directory-of-wordpress-website-upload-file/
If you can’t find your root folder location, please contact your web hosting provider.

After uploading, you can see this tutorial for embedding it into a page:


Hi Toan,

Thanks a lot. Appreciate it. Ill give it a try.

Hi ToanLS,

How do we control where and when the animation will show up in our website?

Hi Giovs,

I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly.
Have you uploaded the HTML5 folder? If yes, you can follow the instruction in the tutorial I mentioned to embed it into a web page using iframe.