When you play TWO timelines together side by side, why is the effect not additive?

Coming from Flash, the idea of having two timeline was very intriguing to me.
I immediately thought of Animation “blending”, or “additive” layering.

Say the main timeline has a box moving side to side and a second timeline was created where the same box was animated up and down.

When a button is pressed these two timelines are summoned to play together.
Why is the effect not overlayed on top of one another where the box moves side by side and up and down at the same time ?

The current result is simply one overrides the other, so much potential and POWER here to be had, kinda wasted…

Hi Bracer,

Saola Animate doesn’t support additive animations on the same property.
To create the effect you mentioned, you can animate Left property in a timeline and Top property in another timeline. Or you can use motion path (Translate X/Y) and position (Left/Top) animation.


Hello, Thanks for replying.
It doesn’t work.
I have one timeline call side to side translate X only.
Second timeline circle translate Y up and down, translate Y only.

When you click button, two timeline is being called to play but only one is executed visually.

Please see it for yourself:

Laying doesn’t work.saolapack

Hi Bracer,

I think you miss understand Toan’s answer.

Both timelines can use position animation (left / top).

One timeline can use position animation and one can use motion animation (translate X/Y)

BUT, both timelines cannot both use motion animation on the same element.

Dear mackavi,

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this to me, this is precisely my confusing, since they both seems to…do the same thing…I use the auto key function so it is whatever the autokey use, interesting that there are two ways that describes the same thing as well.

Again, thank you mackavi, your answer clarified it :smiley:

Thank you @mackavi for clarifying my answer.

@Bracer, auto-keyframe mode will create motion path (Translate X/Y) animations when dragging elements on Canvas. To create position (Left/Top) animations, you need to change the Left/Top property in Properties pane.


Acknowledged :smiley: Thank you.